Year 4

“A life that’s good!”

Class 9 shared a worship on giving and recieving to KS2 and LOTS of our wonderful parents. The children wanted to spread the message that we already have more than we could ever need, we only need to look at those around us.

Beware the Jabberwock!

Robotics workshop for Computing week

Year 4 were amazed at all of the different types of robots and they became experts in no time!

Ethan's masterclass in poetry reading

Year 4 have used Lewis Carroll's 'The Jabberwocky' as their Talk 4 Writing text. The creativity and skill used in their inventions was incredible and we just had to have a poetry recital to share their marvelous work. Year 4 certainly know how to captivate an audience. We were amazed at Ethan's ability to remember his poem in just a few days!

Irish Festival funk!

Mixing a traditional Irish instrument with a recent hit!

Irish Festival

Year 4 showed off their talents today at the Irish Festival. Here is one of our brilliant musicians who has only been learning this tricky instrument since September. Shine that light Cliona!

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